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Almond Sans Rival

Crunchy on the outside, chewy inside. Four delicious layers of cashew meringue and butter cream topped generously with sliced almonds. Melt-inyour mouth goodness that is truly sans rival.

8″ — Php 950

Blueberry Cheesecake

Our rich cream cheese filling in a buttery crust contrasts perfectly with the luscious blueberry topping! No wonder it’s a customer favorite!

8″ — Php 1,300


Light and airy baked meringue in caramel syrup. Served with rum custard.

4″ — Php 175

7″ — Php 550

Cashew Toffee

A light chocolate chiffon cake filled with chocolate mousse with a hint of rum. Glazed with extra creamy buttercream then topped with cashew toffee bits and chopped cashew. It’s a feast for the eyes and for your tastebuds!

8″ — Php 925

Petite — Php 350

Baby — Php 185

Chocolate Truffle

The ultimate chocolate experience. Chocolate chiffon cake filled and iced with chocolate butter cream with a slight tinge of coffee. It’s our #1 best selling cake!

8″ — Php 940

Petite — Php 300

Baby — Php 150


Three layers of vanilla chiffon filled with light othello chocolate mousse playfully covered with chocolate meringue sticks. A favorite among kids and kids at heart!

8″ — Php 710

Petite — Php 360

Baby — Php 175

Dulce de Leche

Our customers love our version, saying it has just the right sweetness. This very light vanilla chiffon is filled and topped with a creamy caramel filling, then covered with whipped cream and sprinkled with almond slices.

8″ — Php 1100

Baby — Php 155

French Apple Pie

When it comes to apple pie, the Sugarhouse French Apple Pie is the best in town! Chunks of fresh apples mixed with butter, sugar and cinnamon, piled high on a butter crust, topped with grated cheese and served with whipped cream, It’s even better when taken warm!

8″ — Php 1,595

Petite — Php 750

Honey Cake

Light and sweet. Vanilla chiffon filled with light butter cream then abundantly sprinkled with honey crunch.

8″ — Php 825

Baby — Php 140


It’s a lighter, chocolate version of the sans rival. Each of the four layers of meringue is brushed with chocolate then held together with whipped cream, topped with more chocolate and garnished with chopped cashew. Our Marjolaine is in a class of its own.

8″ — Php 1,350


Moist chocolate cake filled and iced with dark chocolate icing. It’s at its yummiest when heated before serving, with the warm, fudgy icing oozing down the sides.

8″ — Php 760

Petite — Php 315

Baby — Php 140

New York Cheesecake

The New Gold Standard in cheesecakes, against which all other cheesecakes will be compared. Velvety smooth and creamy with a delicious graham crust, the way a cheesecake should be.

8″ — Php 1,300

Turtle Pie

The name comes from turtle candies which contain caramel, chocolate, and nuts and are made in the shape of turtles! The Sugarhouse version has a yummy chocolate crust filled with creamy chocolate mousse, sweet butterscotch, and crunchy walnuts. It’s finished with a chocolate glaze and topped with whipped cream!

8″ — Php 1,300

White Coffee Torte

Layers of vanilla chiffon mocha mousse and crunchy meringue hugged by coffee buttercream. The sweetness of this cake is countered by its mocha filling and coffee buttercream icing.

8″ — Php 875

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